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I live in the best part of the biggest state east of the Mississippi river in the most generous and best country in the world. I really like my home and my neighbors. This blog celebrates that fact!

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Wild Thing My Vicious Dogs Fought Off in the Night!

You'd have thought there was a den of wolves under a bush by the front door!  The growling and snapping and barking and running around!  I approached the large bush with some trepidation, knowing that coyotes and foxes are about.  I slowly picked up the edge of the bush and peered under....."There it is!" barked one of my canine saviors, "Be careful, it's a big 'un!" woofed another.  So, I reached in ("No, no, be careful!!") and pulled the poor turtle out and put him in the orchard- hopefully to live a long and peaceful life.  The picture was quite different last year when a big snapping turtle bit all three of my dogs on the nose- bloodied every one of them! When I stopped laughing, we moved him, too. Ah, life in the country!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chris Curry Comments....

Hello all—we just found out that the old Zebulon School was built in 1926—much thanks to Lynn Cunningham who did the research. The community voted for a bond issue of $30,000 to finance the $24,000 cost of the new building and to remodel the older building for the high school—Walker Chandler’s building. The paper referred to this time as a period of growth and increased interest in education and the pride of the community in furnishing “buildings and equipment for a school that we will be glad to own as “Our School”. Surely, we can step up and support this same spirit in 2010. Here’s a note from a parent, Terri Patterson, who is involved in the project to get the school’s auditorium renovated. Yours, Chris C.

Monday, August 16, 2010


It just feels SO good to get a little rain!  I went out side and just walked in it for a minute or two.  I didn't realize how much I missed it- especially after this spring when it was so wet!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Mike Hilley

I took some chairs to Mike to recover (or actually my wife, BJ, did).  It's always a pleasure dealing with him.  His shop is in Williamson, just a jump down Williamson-Zebulon Rd.  So far, over the years, he's done my ATV seat, my truck bench seat in my 1989 F-150 and a couch for my daughter at UF in some wild, zebra-print pattern.  He is friendly, very knowledgeable and his work is very good, too.  A local, Pike County businessman!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Here you Go!

Dear Editor: On July 31 our son was involved in a bicycle accident on Highway 18. Our family would like to thank everyone involved at the accident scene for their help and support.

We’d also like to commend the Pike County EMS, sheriff’s
 office and concerned residents for their quick response and professionalism. We’ve experienced Pike services and people in what to us was a traumatic situation. They’re the best.

Thanks again, Kaye, Eddie, Brian and Christine Johnson

The Pike Journal takes up the Quest!

The editor for the local Pike-Journal newspaper asked if the paper could use my idea about listing the GOOD things in Pike County, GA.  I noticed they have a column on the opinion page every week now with various people writing in what they like about Pike.  I most heartily said "YES"!  You can look at the recent articles your self- some really neat stuff in there!

Click HERE to go to the paper!

Monday, August 9, 2010

First Real Day of School

Ah, you poor kids and teachers! Whatever happened to Labor Day being the start of school.  Yep. that was "back in the day".......

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Slow Exposures Photo Exposition

We have an annual local photo show right here in Pike County!  It is known on a national scale and the judges come from all over the country.  All the proceeds (except airline tickets) are spent in the county, too! Pike County school children are encouraged to participate and document our beautiful county with a camera- in addition, the learn so much by using their eyes to really see and compose a photograph.  Visit to learn all about this wonderful event!

Check them out on Facebook, too.  Slow Exposures Facebook