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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cold Day in Pike County

I know my friends in the north will laugh at our little bit of cold weather (and I was raised in Alaska), but I have to say, I don't care who you are- it's cold out there!  Of course, when I call up to South Dakota, or North Dakota, I get a real awakening about how cold this country can get.  God bless you guys! They are calling for a wind chill of 4 degrees tonight, so I made sure the bird dogs had plenty of good hay in the boxes and good shelter from the wind.  I also decided it was time to upgrade to first class dog box- so I ordered some K-9 Condo dog houses (#2 variety).  I have a friend that put them out for his dogs and they LOVE them- summer and winter.  I'm looking forward to their arrival.  

See the link below for read about them.  

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Snow on Christmas Day

Yes!  It's true!  The last time this happened (in a measurable amount) was back in the 1880's.  Live it up!  Now, here in  Pike, we like to take our romps in the snow with ATV's.  And the most popular way to do that is to tie a sled to the back of the ATV and "let 'er rip!".  It only takes about one turn around the back pasture and this old boy is sore, cold and ready for the heater! So, go on out there and do something stupid- the opportunity only comes around once every 120 years!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

OK, OK...too much of a good thing!

This Christmas season is no different than any other- lots of good food, cookies, fudge!  I've been a good boy for the year and I'm down over 31 #.  (Thank you, thank you!)  I need to be able to walk 8-10 miles for days at a  time when I go hunting and carrying a lot of weight is not the way to do that. But this time of year really tests my resolution to loose another 10#.  As much as I do love the good cooking, I also like walking the younger guys into the ground! I'll just have to buck up and say "No, thank you!"

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Lights

A good thing about the dark night sky, here in Pike County, is that the Christmas Lights really show up.  BJ, my wife, and I will drive around the county, at this time of year, just looking at the light decorations.  I must say, some of these displays are magnificent (although, I'd hate to be the one to put them up and take them down)!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Fun in Pike County on a Cold Winter Day

My Field Trial 11 December 2010

Isn't it great that we can enjoy the great outdoors year round here in God's country?  I had a few friends over for a field trial last weekend up off Shackleford Rd.  Watch the video.

Global Warming? Yeah, Right!

Is warming happening- maybe.  Are we causing it- not so sure about that one.  My background is technical and when I see so many "experts" disagreeing on a subject, then I reserve judgment.  I learned that the scientific method produces results and is valid only when an experiment can reproduce results consistently. No one can produce consistent results when it comes to climate change.  Therefore, it is not a fact- only a theory.  And I'm not even talking about "man caused climate change".  But, hey, the difference between me and the shouters is that I'm willing to wait for the facts.  If they ever arrive.

Of course, what we have outside our door is not "climate", but "weather".  Those are two different terms.  But it is fun to make snide comments about "global warming" when Georgia has chill factors of 5 degrees! 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Super cold air hits us!

Wow, after all that fallderall with the warm rain and mist, now winter has stormed in over the horizon.  I'm looking at mid-20's on the thermometer at the house.  I'm hoping I don't find a bunch of "Brittany-cicles" when I get out to the barn!

That brings up an issue near and dear to my heart.  Take care of your outside animals!  Horses and cows and goats are pretty tough, unless they are old- blanket them.  Dogs need a little more care, but as long as they have a dry, soft place to curl up and they are not in the wind, they will be fine.  They dry and soft and out of the wind is very important!  Which way is your doghouse pointing?  Can the wind blow right in to the opening?  I take a heat lamp (cheap from Wally Mart) and point it at the mouth of the kennel and leave it on.  Remember to have enough shelter for all the dogs.  Even though you think they SHOULD get all together, they may not want to do that.

Keep 'em out of the wind and dry and soft.  They will love you for it.  Whether you deserve it or not....

Oh!  Here's a video that will get your blood pumping! (Let the short cartoon run through and strap in!)

Tower   (Click the Link!)