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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Great day to chase a horse!

Randy and Willie (Randy has a blue shirt on.)
What a weird time of year!  "March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb!" is the adage.  Truly, that is the weather here in beautiful Pike county.  March starts in a few days and the weather is so nice, interspersed with rainy cold.  The Daffodils are up and blooming already and the trees are fixing to burst with the Dogwood blooms.  BJ and I really had to restrain ourselves from buying a bunch of annuals and putting them in the ground. I think it's a plot, because usually there comes a killing frost in early March and it's back to the store for more flats of flowers. 

As I show property around the county, I notice the flowers, shrubs and trees.  I can spot a "green thumb" a mile away by looking at  the landscaping- and there are quite a few gardeners here! If you are even considering selling your home in the next few months, be sure to add a few annuals (when the weather stays warm), clean up the beds and trim the shrubs.  It will really make your home more appealing.  They say most buyers make up their minds about a house in 5 minutes- and 4 of those 5 minutes are spent walking to the front door! Don't forget that the last "frost free" day in our area is April 15th- that should be easy to remember.  Add color with plants and flowering shrubs. 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sometimes, you just need to listen...

So....I got the clearance to buy a serious toy- a Kawasaki Mule!  I've wanted one for a long time.  In fact, I've convinced myself I NEEDED one!  I convinced myself I could almost pay for one outright and, if I sold my Honda ATV, the cost isn't that much, and it would be so much more productive, and....and...and...

The day arrived to drive to pick it up.  It was 3 hours from home, but I was willing to do it, since it would save me about $600 to make the drive.  I took care of some stuff around the house and was feeling pretty righteous about the entire affair.  My last chore was some trimming with the chain saw (then I was on my way!).  Don't you know the stupid chain saw would not start, so I took it to Doug, in Zebulon.  But the weird thing is, when I loaded up my F-250 to take it down there, my truck battery was dead!  (The F-250 has TWO batteries.)  So, I took my back up truck ('89 F-150) and put the charger on the F-250.  So far so good.  But, Doug can't get to my chain saw today- no satisfaction there- and when I get back, the batteries are still dead.  After two hours on the charger, the diesel cranks up and I'm re-thinking my game-plan. I really want and need the expensive toy?  Not really....sigh!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mowing the Yard in February?

Really?  I do like this weather- 72 degrees today under clear skies with low humidity! However, I really did not want to make friends with the mower for a few more months....

Don't forget to EARLY VOTE for the SPLOST.  Let's let out of county people help pay for our Courthouse Renovations.  I really don't want the entire expense falling on the land owners.  This is a small price for a HUGE benefit!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

SPLOST vote- Your Vote is Critical.. Be Careful of the Name-Callers..

This is from Walker Chandler and I see no reason to alter it, since I agree with it, and he says it so much better than I do:

Dear Friends and Fellow Pike Countians,

As all of you know,  early voting on the SPLOST  begins on February 15th and closes March 15th.  I plan to vote for it and here are my reasons:

1.  As against taxes  and wasteful spending as I am,  I think Pike needs to have the money  a SPLOST will raise so as to be able to maintain its roads and restore its courthouse.   Those expenses will be borne by property owners completely if SPLOST  fails.
2.  I  seriously doubt if any Pike Countians  shop  in Pike to save 1%  or  if any non-countians shop in Pike  to save that same 1% they might otherwise have spent in neighboring counties.
3.  I think the problems with the courthouse's obsolescence must be dealt with  right away before we are prevented from using it  either by  the State Fire Marshall or the Judiciary.  Our local Superior Court  judges have been warning us for  years  that  a renovation must be  carried out.  Especially after the security horrors  the state experienced with the Fulton County shootings, we cannot think they won't decide to order trials to be held elsewhere. I was a firefighter in Zebulon for 15 years and none of us thought we could have stopped a fire there if it got going good.  It would be  an absolute disaster if there were people upstairs and a fire was working where the  only two stairways converge.
4.  Our  courthouse is the symbol of Pike County.  It combines pride in our history and hope for our future--not to mention respect for ourselves  and for those who appear before our courts and those--including  jurors--who serve in them.
5.  Similarly,  at long last the Courthouse Square has been  greatly upgraded due to the efforts of  the Downtown Development Authority and the landowners who have invested in their buildings on the Square.  We are developing and promoting a place ( and not just Zebulon but  all of Pike  County) where we  can work, play, conduct business, dine out, and otherwise permit families to stay in our home county once they "get home from work".
5.   Not to sound too much like  whining socialists in Washington, but  I think we owe it to  the children not to bequeath them either  public debt  or  crapped-out, used-up buildings.  SPLOST  is  pay-as-you-go,  but with a twist:  out of countians  help us pay.  In the modern parlance,  it's a no-brainer.

         I guess I could go on,  but I will say further only this:  honest men may differ on what courses are the wisest,  but they need not  be bitter or vicious about their differences  in public discussions of matters such as this, nor impute selfish or greedy motives to those who they oppose..

If you agree with me or if you are  undecided,  will you please forward this email to Pike residents?

  And will you please go advance vote  in favor of SPLOST?

Yours for Pike County,
Walker Chandler

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday Market

Now, here's a GREAT idea.  It's a Pike County thing, too.  It's called the Wednesday Market- you place an order online for locally grown/organic/locally made products and pick them up near the Zebulon Square on Wednesday.  That's it in a nutshell, but you'd better read about it on the website.  Click HERE for the website!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I went out to the truck this morning and noticed the wet sidewalk.  "No big deal" I thought, "it's left over from the big rain the other night."  When I cranked up the old F-250, the wipers were FROZEN!  You know, I was glad that I didn't get on a flight to Omaha last weekend, even though it meant not being able to give my seminar at Pheasant-fest 2011.  I realized later that day the blizzard that is now raging up the East Coast would have frozen me in and I would STILL be there trying to get a flight back.  But, freezing rain?  Right here in Pike?  Again?  Hey, this ain't Nebraska!  I'm really not sure I'm going to like this "Global Warming" one bit!  Actually, this is more of a normal winter this year.  We've been having such a string of warm winters, we were beginning to think it was normal to go through a year with no snow, ice, or cold.  You know, after all the heat this summer, I was looking forward to some cool air and even cold.  But these bones are beginning to long for a little warm sun...