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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Go Away Pollen!

I was hoping the series of storms the last few weeks would clean the air!  It looks like it did, for a time, but then the pollen came right back.  Last night, I tried to sleep and couldn't breathe at all...Yuck!  More rain today, it seems.  Bring it on!  Wash all the pollen away!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pet Cemetery

Well, we lost another family pet.  This time, it was our little West Highland White Terrier, daughter of Angus of West Georgia fame.  Shuga (southern for "sugar") was an anti-social, territorial, opinionated, little terrier (or "terror" to many a kid that made the mistake of pulling her tail).  Most of all, she was really loved by the family.  We had to bury her today after a bout of cancer.  That's three holes in the pet cemetery in six months!  Do you have a pet/dog cemetery?  Ours is in a stand of old pines in one of the pastures.  Lots of memories out there.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Southern Rivers Energy

Much, if not most, of Pike County is served by Southern Rivers Energy, an energy co-op.  Today, my wife and I were invited to tour the facilities and learn a little about the operation.  To make the post a little more brief, let me summarize.  1.) DO call in when you lose power.  The more people that call in, the faster they can find the cause of the outage- trust me, I saw it happen.  2.) We are being served by a first class organization, managed and run by first class people.  That facility is clean, modern and efficient and they will be ready for our future power needs, too. Click here to go to their website!  On the website are easy to use menus to find out how to save energy and many other cool things.  Try it!

Ticks and other BUGS!

I walk, run and play in my pasture year round.  This time of year is tick season!  I just found a tick on me, under my shirt.  The little sucker (really!) was attached and safe and secure.  Not anymore!  He's winging his way down the drain.  Not only are ticks a danger to us, but also to our dogs and cats (although the cat thing is problematic, I've never had much of a soft spot for cats).  Be sure to treat your animals with some sort of flea and tick preventive- every month! They will live longer and you will appreciate them so much more.

Ticks and other Bugs....  (click the link for more!)

Monday, April 4, 2011

A note from the Wednesday Market

Hello Wednesday Market Customers,

Thank you for being a part of the Wednesday Market. This email is to remind you to place your orders by 10:00 p.m. each Monday evening. This will allow our growers time to harvest and prepare your produce/products for Wednesday pick up.

Just go to: then go to the market portion and view what is available this week.

Over 100 products on Market including many plants for your home gardens.

Don’t forget to click the summit button to complete your order. You will receive a conformation email.

Thank you,
Wednesday Market