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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sure, Honey, let's get a new puppy!

Shuga and Char


Bo (and Randy)
As you can see, we are dog people.  We have dogs inside, outside and inside/outside.  We have kennels, dog beds and an underground fence around the property.  We have a yard Lab, named Yellar, who wanders the plantation and keeps deer from the garden and squirrels out of the feeders (although he will tell you he hates the squirrels more).  He started his life with us ten years ago when Charcoal (above) brought him home from a jaunt to the woods.  Yellar is the most intelligent dog I've ever seen.  He taught us to scratch him, feed him, let him in, let him out, let him sleep, give him bones and cookies, and everything else that is important to a guard/companion/protection/nurse dog.  And, he did it in an amazingly short amount of time, considering what he had to work with!

Our little Westie, Shuga, passed away about a year ago.  She was a special little dog who loved my wife like no other.  For such a small dog, she left a big hole.  Just before that, Char died, too.  It was a sad time around the hacienda.  Over time, they became good memories and we laugh at their antics to this day.

I've been hearing little grumblings of discontent out of the spousal unit for some months now.  Little comments about how "cute this little pound puppy is" and so-and-so "just got the cutest little Jack Russell", etc. Of course, being the caring husband, I did what all husbands do...I ignored it.  Bad news, Batman! It appears we are now in the market for a small, mixed breed, rescure puppy.  Preferably a hairy, ten pound, energetic ball of love we can make the "Queen of the house!"

Stay tuned......

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Garden Is Coming Along

BJ is putting a lot of work in to this year's flower garden, and it really shows. It's a real pleasure to walk out the back door, on to the deck, and see this! 

Friday, April 13, 2012

I Love The Braves!


There is not a better way to spend the evening than watching the Bravos win another game!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I Told Her Not To Do It!

I said, "Honey, don't put the tomatoes out yet.  No one does it before Easter!"  What do I know, right?  Well, as I put my jacket on and checked the thermometer, it read 43 degrees.....April 12, 2012!  The good news is the plants will be fine. The better news is that I was right about something gardening for a change...whoopee!  That hot weather will be here soon and I'll take every cool day I can get. Soon, they will be a distant memory...

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Beautiful Easter Weather

Chammer of Commerce weather today! You have got to love this Easter Day weather. It won't be long and we'll be wishing for another day like this. 

Friday, April 6, 2012

3 BR 2BA with Bonus in Pike County GA

3 BR 2BA with Bonus in Pike County GA

Take a look at this:
3 BR 2 BA with Bonus in Pike County GA
Are you looking for a nice home in Pike County and thought you could never afford one?
To view this property website, click the picture or visit:

1524 E. Milner Rd.
Zebulon, GA
Immaculate 3/2 in Pike County with Man Cave

Offered at $159,

10X12 Deck, all electric, huge old barn, dog run, level lot, privacy, peaceful. Large bonus room over garage is finished with heat and air and can be a 4th bedroom. This home is in outstanding condition!

Randy Schultz

Office: 770-584-5085
Mobile: 770-584-5085


McLeRoy Realty | 8945 Hwy 19 | Zebulon, GA 30295

This 3 BR 2BA with Bonus in Pike County GA is amazingly well kept. It sits on a level lot with a dog run and an huge, old barn on the property. Privacy is guaranteed as the home sits off the road behind some beautiful trees. A ten by twelve deck on the back is perfect for grilling and cookouts. The finished man cave is a bonus room with its own cooling unit. The access is off the kitchen through a door and up steps, for privacy and it can be a possible fourth bedroom. This 3 BR 2BA with Bonus in Pike County GA sits on 2.7 acres of level land with great spots for a huge garden. A great spot for a family pool sits right out the back door! The cathedral ceilings in the house contribute to an open effect and allows you to enjoy the fireplace in the family room. The landscaping around the house is well maintained is i only waiting for your green thumb to make it shine! This 3 BR 2BA with Bonus in Pike County GA is very affordable. You couldn't build this home now for what the price is! Offered at only $159,900, this is a wonderful bargain for all be benefits of the country and Pike County Schools. Call Randy and ask to see the 3 BR 2BA with Bonus in Pike County GA on Milner Rd.! Remember, this 3 BR 2BA with Bonus in Pike County GA won't last long- call now!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

3 BR 2 BA with Bonus and Pool in Griffin GA

3 BR 2 BA with Bonus and Pool in Griffin GA

Call Randy- 770-584-5085 

3 BR 2 BA with Bonus and Pool in Griffin GA
3 BR 2 BA with Bonus and Pool in Griffin GA - This beautiful house in the Crescent School District in Griffin, GA has been newly renovated.  The hardwood floors have been refinished to a brilliant luster
3 BR 2 BA with Bonus and Pool in Griffin GA

All the walls have been finished and painted, the baseboards cleaned, heating and air units serviced and recently upgraded.  The windows have been refurbished, the bonus room heat and air is a separate unit that is recently updated.  A glassed in sunroom on the side of the house would be an excellent flower/potting room or just a place to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning! New gutters have been installed all the way around the house.  Located in a very established area with solid house values, this 3 BR 2 BA with Bonus and Pool in Griffin GA will go quickly.  Call me at 770-584-5085 today to get a tour of the home or click on to see the property website.  Be sure to click on the photo gallery to see all the pictures of the 3 BR 2 BA with Bonus and Pool in Griffin GA. 

Walk around the outside of this property to see all the flowering plants and bushes.  Every step is an adventure. Decades of planting by the former owners result in flowers coming out on every side of the house.  Flowering dogwoods, azaleas, crepe myrtle and others are all over the property.

3 BR 2 BA with Bonus and Pool in Griffin GA
And check out the POOL!  In about a month, you will be so happy you have a cool, clear pool to jump in to on those hot muggy Georgia days! 

3 BR 2 BA with Bonus and Pool in Griffin GA 


3 BR 2 BA with Bonus and Pool in Griffin GA
1104 Maple Dr., Griffin, GA

Spring is wonderful around here!  Look at those colors!  Every day something else is popping up through the ground.  The grass is greening up nicely and the lawn mowers are buzzing away on the weekends.  This year, Easter will be full of color, dogwoods, azaleas...